This culinary walk takes you and your group to the chic Zavel/Sablon (Uptown) and the working-class Marollen/Marolles (Downtown). The two neighbourhoods are located adjacent to each other but worlds apart. A competent guide keeps the tour on the right track while serving juicy culinary and historical anecdotes

Get to know Uptown Brussels through Kleine and Grote Zavel. The stylish stores and beautiful town houses inspire wealth and splendour. This is in stark contrast with the neighbourhood located at the foot of the Palace of Justice: The Marollen, Brussels’ oldest surviving working class neighbourhood. The bustling flea market, antique & bric-a-brac stores and cosy cafés are typical of the area. Although the neighbourhood also has new and hipper stores, its unique character remains very present.

The Palace of Justice, Marcolini, the Breughel House, and the Horta Children’s Playground… are just some of the sights that you and your group will discover during this culinary activity. Walking of course requires energy: we will stop by at three restaurants in Uptown and Downtown, so that you can taste the combination of these thriving and contrasting neighbourhoods.


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