A team building exercise is the ideal way to give an extra boost to the team spirit among your company’s staff. Only, answering the question of ‘what will we do?’ is not always easy. “A cooking workshop, maybe? Nothing new there, we already did that last year. Kayaking on the Lesse? Already tried it, but only half the team came along.”

Do these situations sound familiar? Then we have the perfect solution for you. Next Event combines Charity and Teambuilding under the heading ‘ChariTeam’.

We offer a wide range of activities; there is something for everyone. On one occasion, a few colleagues organised a day nursery for the children. They held a fun Sinterklaas party and went home with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Together, we look at the charities that are most important to your company.

Effort, relaxation and a feeling of togetherness: these are the three ingredients for a successful team building exercise. And all three are fully present in a ChariTeam. Acting in a conscious and socially responsible manner is more crucial than ever, and you and your team can be a part of that.

We can also organise catering for your event if you so desire.

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Other teambuilding activities

Armed with a roadbook and a city map, you will go on a voyage of discovery

Get an in-depth look at our most sought-after delicacy: chocolate

A walk in the countryside, fresh air, folklore and beer tasting