During this culinary walk you will discover the chic area of the ‘Sablon’ (Uptown) and the popular area called the ‘Marolles’ (Downtown). These 2 quarters, seperated by the majestic Palais of Justice, are demografically situated next to each other but the inhabitants and their lifestyles are worlds apart!

Via the ‘Petit & Grand Sablon’, you will be introduced to the fancy shops and the expensive mansions of Uptown Brussels. This neighbourhood shows its wealth and beauty. The contrast with the Downtown Marolles is striking. Although this district lays just on the other side of the Palais of Justice, it could not be more different. The ‘Marolles’ is the oldest popular district of Brussels and very well known for its unique atmosphere with flea marketsand cosy pubs. Nowadays this enchanting neighbourhood is getting back on its feet because more and more trendy shops and companies are moving here. Still, the ‘Marolliens’ will always be the same in their hearts and this area is definitely worth a visit. In Downtown Brussels, the guide will lead you through the ‘Rue Haute’, ‘Rue Blaes’ and the ‘Place Jeu de Balle’.

The Palais of Justice, Marcolini, the Breughel house, the Horta school. These are just a few sights during this fascinating walk.

Besides the sights and the anecdotes of the guide, you will of course also have a lovely meal in 3 restaurants in Uptown and Downtown Brussels. A perfect mix of food from both sides of the Palais of Justice! Enjoy!

Practial info

  • Uptown-Downtown is a 3-4 hour walk (including dinner)
  • Groups of 15 people minimum. Large groups will be divided up into groups of ±25 persons
  • Parking possibility : Parking Place Poelaert
  • Meeting point: Place Poelaert
  • Price: €70 per person (from 20 persons)+ a single administration cost of €25
  • Extra cost of €35 per guide if you want a language other than Dutch, French or English
  • These prices are 21% VAT exclusive
  • Not possible on Monday and Tuesday

Included: guided walk through Brussels by a competent guide, an aperitif, first course, main course, 3 glasses of wine or beer or soft drink and to finish, coffee or tea with dessert.

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