Londerzeel, centrally located on the axis Brussels-Antwerp/Mechelen-Dendermonde, is the birthplace of the famous writer ‘Gerard Walschap’.  He is a “Prince of Letters” and first honorary citizen of Londerzeel.   A lot of landscapes described by Walschap in his novels can be found in Londerzeel.


The locals of Londerzeel were known as “Chicken Pluckers“ due to the number of chicken breeders; they sold their chickens to the inhabitants of Brussels who in turn were known as “Chicken Eaters”.   The yearly event “Toss of the Golden Chicken Leg” is organized in memory of this past and 2000 chicken legs are thrown from the City Hall; the prizes are roasted chickens and one chicken leg containing a jewel in gold.


The commune Malderen is rich in asparagus fields, woods, a nature reserve and a historic Heide windmill.  The commune Steenhuffel is known for its Palm Beer Brewery; after visiting this Brewery, the “Palm Train” brings you to the Domain Diepensteyn for a tour of the Brabant draught horses’ stud farm, symbol of the Palm Beer.  Steenhuffel is also very attractive to cyclists thanks to its numerous bike routes and a 20-year old Bike Café “Leireken”.

“Castle Diepensteyn”

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