Are you looking for a fun and active afternoon in the exciting beer capital of the world? Look no further because our ‘LeuvenPictureHunt’ is exactly what you are looking for!

Armed with a road book full of pictures of the city and a city plan, the various groups explore Leuven. Whether you know this city well or you’re there for the first time, the photosearch will surprise everyone.

Follow the picture roadbook and discover places you’ve never been. Search buildings, statues, facades and lovely locations based on the pictures. The photosearch also contains multiplechoice questions about the sights encountered.

No game without a winner: after the activity we meet in a pub nearby for a drink and the official announcement of the winning team. The winners receive a small prize!

We also offer this formula with dinner in an excellent restaurant because the teams will be very hungry after such a full afternoon.

Practical info

  • A minimum of 15 and a maximum of 60 participants is required. Please contact us in case your group is bigger than 60 persons
  • The Rally takes 3 hours and can only take place during the day. The Rally will end with a price distribution
  • Price:
    • groups from 15-40 persons = €35 per person
    • groups from 41-60 persons = €30 per person
    • a single administrative cost of €25
  • These prices are 21% VAT exclusive
  • A dinner after the prize distribution is possible. Please contact us for a price offer.

Included: welcome drink, city map, a questionnaire and an itinerary per group, 1 drinks during afternoon activities, prize for each member of winning team, a drink during the prize distribution.

Prices and contact form

You can find more details on the page pricing. For reservations please use our contact form.