Lambic is one of the oldest beers and was created around 1300. The brew originated in the Senne Valley, a region southwest of Brussels. The beer is brewed only by a few breweries including Brewery Honsebrouck.

This heavenly beer is characterized by the spontaneous fermentation with wild yeast from the air. In oak barrels, it is made with malted barley, unmalted wheat, and lots old hops.

The name lambic comes from a corruption of the name of the municipality Lembeek (Senne Valley) ..

Lambic can be drunk pure from the barrel, but most of the raw material is used to make Lambic Gueuze, Kriek and Faro. In the photo, the beer is poured from jugs made for this beer.
Lambic barely contains carbon dioxide and is therefore flat. In the glass, it has no collar and is acid in taste, which makes it a good thirst quencher.

The beer is recognized by the European Union and is protected as a guaranteed traditional specialty.

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