A healthy and relaxing bike ride through the plane country side,  combined with some nice stops in local restaurants, that’s what GreenTasting by Bike has to offer you!

The bike and hiking route ‘De Brabantse Kouters’ is located in the North West of the periphery of Brussels.  The green landscape is corved by lots of creeks and rivers.  The fertile soil attracts agriculturers and horticulturers.

The landscape is the décor for a relaxing bike ride, guided by a local guide.   He will tell you all about the surroundings, the history and the crops that are grown.

En route you will be invited to 3 different restaurants to enjoy one course of the menu.

In short, enjoy all that nature and gastronomy has to offer you!


  • The minimum number of participants is 15.  The maximum is 60.  Please contact us in case you have a group larger than 60 participants.
  • Parking Facility: Dorpsplein Steenhuffel
  • The GreenTasting is an activity of 4 hours, which can only take place during the daytime.
  • Price:
    • €90 per person (from 20 persons)
    • A one-time administrative cost of €25
    • Prices are 21% VAT excluded

Included: guided bike tour through Londerzeel with an experienced guide, bike, an aperitif, starter, main course, 3 glasses of wine or beer or soft drinks and coffee or tea with a dessert to end the evening.


  • Visit the Palm Brewery
  • Event location Castle Diepensteyn
  • Visit of the Brabant draught hourses studfarm

Prices and contact form

All information on the prices you can find on our page prices. For  reservations, please use our contact form.