There are a lot of facts about Christmas who are well known among the public. Here below you can find some unusual, less known facts about Christmas.

  1. We all know that Santa Claus comes from Lapland in Finland. But did you know about his Finnish name “Joulupukki”? His little elves are called “Joulutonttu”.
  2. It’s well known that Santa Claus has 9 reindeer. Rudolf the reindeer with his typical red nose is the most famous one. But how can those deer fly? The answer: “flydust”! Santa Claus gives his reindeer flydust two weeks before Christmas.
  3. People from Iceland have very peculiar Christmas stables: they are full of trolls! It’s commonly believed in Iceland that trolls deliver gifts during Christmas.
  4. Did you know that in certain periods of history it was prohibited to have Christmas trees? Charlemagne for example prohibited it in the 9th century.
  5. Most Christmas trees in Europe come from Scandinavia and the Arden in South Belgium.

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