Fancy a relaxing afternoon of teambuilding with colleagues through the countryside in the periphery of Brussels? Discover our GreenRally and enjoy a healthy breath of fresh air!

Armed with a roadbook and map, the different groups take off on foot for nice discoveries and fun assignments in the green environment of Londerzeel, a commune located near Brussels, close to the A12 highway.

Follow the roadbook for a relaxing walk through the countryside. En route you will find questions on the region, crops and the Palms Brewery while you enjoy peace and nature.

The assignments vary from ‘sjoelbakken’ in an old railway station to stilts walking in the field and beer tasting in an authentic café.

If you successfully finish the assignments, you might win this GreenRally and a nice prize!

As you may feel hungry after such a busy afternoon, we also offer with this package an optional dinner in a local restaurant.

Practical information

  • The minimum number of participants is 15.  The maximum is 60.  Please contact us in case you have a group larger than 60 participants.
  • Parking Facility: Dorpsplein Steenhuffel
  • The Rally is a teambuilding event of 3 hours, which can only take place during the daytime.
  • Price:
    •  €47 per person (from 20 personnes)
    • A one-time administrative cost of €25
  • Prices are 21% VAT excluded

Included: Welcome drink, roadbook with questions and explanations per group, map of Londerzeel per group, guidance on the different locations, 1 drink during the activities, materials for the activities, prize for all the members of the winning group, a drink at the closing of the day.


  • Dinner after prize-giving is possible. We are happy to make you a quote!
  • Visit the Palm Brewery
  • Event location Castle Diepensteyn
  • Visit of the Brabant draught hourses studfarm

Prices and contact form

All information on the prices you be found on our page prices.  For reservations, please use our contact form.